By Irene E. Schoenberg

Subject matters from A to Z, publication 1: Steps to good fortune in Listening and conversing, through Irene E. Schoenberg, is a special and powerful listening and talking software for starting English rookies. Twenty-six devices -- one for every letter of the alphabet -- take scholars on a trip from the easy to the hugely inventive with issues resembling chocolate, fables and fairy stories, laughter, and martial arts. scholars construct self belief in listening and talking as they boost vocabulary and dialog abilities. every one unit contains: *lively paintings to stimulate dialogue *listening questions in line with enjoyable evidence *pair paintings drawing on own adventure pattern Audio hearken to samples from the Audio CDs. From Unit 1: *Actors -- evidence (0:36)*Give Your Opinion (0:17)*Listening Comprehension 1 (0:43)*Conversation perform (0:31)*Listening Comprehension 2 (0:44) click on right here to reserve the audio CDs.

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Dance. Talk about Your Experience A. PAIRS Answer the questions. Then ask your partner. Add information. Example: A: Do you have any ma.. ks? B. Yes. I hm'e Ol/e. I bOllghl it ill New Orleat/s. A. Whar does it look like? 8: /I's color/1l1 and has feathers. YOUR~ YOU • Do you nave any masks? Did you make or buy them? What do they look like? • Do you like costume parties? Why or why not? Did you ever make a costume? What was it? • Is makeup like a mask? If so, how? Tell the class about yourself and your partner.

Then listen to the responses. Art does not have lo be beautiful. I agree. Art has to make you feel something. It can make you feel things without being beautiful. I disagree. I think art has to be beautiful. B. PAIRS Do you agree with the man or the woman? Add your opinion. Example: A: I think the woman is right. For me art has to be beautiful. B: J disagree . r;';" '\ \ agree. \ \ disagree. I Listening Comprehension , Warm up: Kandinsky (1866-1944) and Klee (1879-1940) lived around the same time.

My friend Bob can't remember names. He remembers faces. B, PAIRS 00 you agree with the man or the woman? Add your opinion. Example: A: I agree with the man. It's 1101 important to remember names. B: I dOll't thillk so . N"M8B, N/r{HQM8B, "Hi Tlt/8B .

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