By Edward G. Ballard, James K. Feibleman, Richard L. Barber, Carl H. Hamburg, Harold N. Lee, Louise Nisbet Roberts, Robert C. Whittemore

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Which World Is the Real One? (The Selected Works of Arne Naess, Volume 3)

Arne Naess is taken into account some of the most very important philosophers of the 20th century. He has been a drastically prolific writer, but his works as a complete have remained principally unavailable – beforehand. Springer made to be had for the 1st time, a definitive 10-volume selection of Arne Naess’s life’s works: the chosen Works of Arne Naess.

Traités 51-54 : Sur la vie de Plotin et la mise en ordre de ses livres

Né en Égypte au début du IIIè siècle apr. J. -C. , Plotin s'installe à Rome en 246, en terre stoïcienne, pour y enseigner les principes d'une philosophie platonicienne et y inaugurer los angeles culture qu'on dit aujourd'hui "néoplatonicienne ".

Between Leibniz, Newton, and Kant: Philosophy and Science in the Eighteenth Century

It's a truism that philosophy and the sciences have been heavily associated within the age of Leibniz, Newton, and Kant; yet a extra certain selection of the constitution and dynamics of this linkage is needed. the subject material of this quantity is the interactions one of the advancements in philosophy and the changes that the various branches of sciences, Baconian in addition to classical, underwent in this interval.

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15 Logic is the ghostly god whose presence in and between all things which are touched by logic make real every element of the two external worlds. It is how things are and not itself a thing, not something apart. Now cantrast these views with those of the Viennese positivists. By a rather subtle subjectification of the elementary propositions which refer to facts, Carnap in two books 16 has assumed that the primitive sentences are referable to experience. " 18 The existential interpretation of symbolic logic19 goes the rest of the way for them, offset only by the modal logic of Lewis and of Lukasiewicz.

Just as such other "ultimate values" as freedom, justice and knowledge, are themselves preferred only because of certain immediate consequences which reinforce the individual who selects one practice over another. But short-range consequences could be cancelled because of long-range consequences. Just as the immediate advantage gained through punishment is eventually matched by later disadvantages, the immediate consequences of a cultural practice may be followed by others of a different sort.

E. dies (New York, 1922, Rarcourt Brace), Ch. X. 36 John Laird, The Idea of Value (Cambridge, 1929, University Press), Ch. VII. 37 A. N. Whitehead, Adventures of Ideas (New York, 1940, Macmillan), p. 345. 38 Carnap, Philosophy and Logical Syntax, p. 24. 39 "It should be noted that the intelligibility of commands rests upon assumptions that certain states of affairs prevail"-Morris R. Cohen and Ernest Nagel, An Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method (New York, 1934, Rarcourt Brace), p. 28. 40 See, for instance, Alfred J.

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