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No one heard her, except Cherry. ” “No, please don’t—because I’d like to live out on Long Island with you,” Cherry said. “I love being cramped in No. ” Gwen’s crinkled-up eyes seemed to dance. “Commuting, I warn you. Though you’re welcome to use my car out there. ” “I’ll find out. ” Gwen and Cherry compared dates. Bertha and Betty argued about the merits of a new prosthetic device, while Mai Lee and Vivian shared the telephone in a visit with Ann. “The Spencer Club,” said Cherry to Gwen, “won’t realize two of its tenants are going until we’ve actually gone.

Cherry had an idea. She scribbled a note of inquiry, and moving quietly to the door, asked her assistant to deliver it to Tom Reese next door, or if he was out, to his secretary. ” Tom Reese made it part of his job to know personally dozens of the store staff; an answer from him ought to be more revealing than a cut-and-dried report from the personnel department. A few minutes later Tom Reese himself softly opened the door. 25 26 CHERRY AMES, DEPARTMENT STORE NURSE “Sorry, Mr. Reese, but—” Cherry shook her head, motioning him to stay out.

Julian. Wednesday was a fine, clear, sunny day and Cherry and Gwen enjoyed the drive out to Long Island. The two friends rolled merrily along the landscaped parkways. They had packed clothes and nursing instruments and Gwen’s pet gardenia plant in wild haste, answering all of the questions at No. 9 at the same time. Of course they’d visit the Spencer Club often! Of course the Spencer Club was invited out to Aunt Kathy’s! “Tell me something about your aunt,” Cherry said, as Gwen drove. 44 CHERRY AMES, DEPARTMENT STORE NURSE “Not much to tell.

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