By Timothy M. O'Brien

Книга universal Java Cookbook universal Java Cookbook Книги Java Автор: Timothy M. O'Brien Год издания: 2009 Формат: pdf Издат.:Discursive Страниц: 333 Размер: 2,7 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:This assortment presents professional suggestions for utilizing Java-based utilities from initiatives equivalent to Apache Commons, Apache Lucene, and Apache pace. you do not have to be a professional, the book's solution-based layout includes code examples for a large choice of net, XML, community, trying out, and alertness initiatives. with a purpose to find out how to mix universal open-source Java utilities to create strong Java purposes and instruments, the typical Java Cookbook is for you.

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This being the case, the equals() function should return true if two PoliticalCandidate objects have identical first and last names, and the hash code for two equal objects should be identical. The hashCode( ) and equals() in Example 1-2 are written to only take into account the firstName and lastName properties. 7. 1. Problem You need a quick way to implement compareTo( ) methods. 2. Solution Commons Lang CompareToBuilder provides a builder for compareTo( ) methods. CompareToBuilder can perform a comparison via reflection, or a comparison can be customized by passing parameters to an instance of CompareToBuilder.

5. The Apache Commons Community The Apache community and the larger community of the Apache Software Foundation is committed to developing open source software. The Apache Software Foundation is a nonprofit corporation registered in Delaware that supports ongoing collaborative software development according to a set of simple ideals: transparency, meritocracy, consensus, and mutual respect. html). Commons is a project under the Apache Software Foundation, and it is managed by what is known as a Project Management Committee (PMC).

3. M. M. M. hour, or every event that happened in a particular year with the first instant of that year, you need to truncate a Date at a specified Calendar field. floor( ) for the Date class. M. M. 4. SEMI_MONTH. SEMI_MONTH in more detail. 16. 1. 5 release. 2. 4 or lower, you can use Commons Lang Enum, ValuedEnum, and EnumUtils to create an enum "type," which approximates the new language feature. STRAWBERRY. Example 1-10. class); } } The key to an Enum is the private constructor; this guarantees that there are only three instances of Flavor in any virtual machine.

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