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The current quantity attempts to reply to the query: What constrains morphosyntactic version? by way of studying the variable contract of presentational haber (´there to be`) in Caribbean Spanish with complex statistical instruments and theoretical constructs of Cognitive Sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and variationist sociolinguistics, it proposes an leading edge theoretical version of the restrictions that govern morphosyntactic version.

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2016). The fact that multiple disciplines of linguistics are concerned with variation shows that understanding linguistic variability and its structure is important for understanding language. Yet, because the different strands of variationist research approach this issue from different angles, there is hardly any communication – let alone, cross-fertilization – between them. ” This book wilabsence of verb agreement indicates that thel argue for one such contribution. In the chapters to follow, I will show that Cognitive Sociolinguistics offers all the necessary components to construct a psychologically plausible theoretical model of the constraints that condition morphosyntactic variation, which generates empirically falsifiable predictions.

Compound form Porque ahí cuando han habido terremotos y todo eso no se han caído casas ni nada. ’ Synthetic form Allí habían ya prostíbulos con mucha evidencia. ’ Verb tense Imperfect, other tenses, preterit No examples provided by Quintanilla-Aguilar (2009: 128–129). Word order haber + noun phrase Yo tengo entendido de que hubieron muchísimos más muertos. ’ Noun phrase + haber ¡Bastantes muertos hubieron! 4Puerto Rico In a series of three articles, Esther Brown and Javier Rivas (Brown and Rivas 2012; Rivas and Brown 2012, 2013) analyze a corpus of Caguas, Cayey, and San Juan Spanish and the corpus of the Project for the coordinated study of the educated norms of the most important Latin American cities also used by DeMello (1991).

27: Logistic generalized linear mixed-effects model of presentational haber pluralization in San Juan (sum contrasts, bobyqa optimizer) Tab. 28: Social profiles of the five participants who use agreeing presentational haber less often in Havana, Santo Domingo, and San Juan Tab. 29: Social profiles of the five participants who use agreeing presentational haber most often in Havana, Santo Domingo, and San Juan Tab. 30: Social profiles of the Havana university graduates Abbreviations and other conventions < > Construction schema [ ] Literal translation ACC Accusative case AdvP Adverbial phrase AICc Second-Order Akaike Information Criterion Boldface Profiled portions of event frames LH01H22/LH33 The codes at the end of the examples identify the cases in the corpus: LH=Havana (SD=Santo Domingo, SJ=San Juan); 01= informant number 1; H=male informant (M=female); 2=55+ years of age (1=20-35 years of age); 2=university graduate (1=less than university).

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