... Once again, for simplicity, the pipeline element is shown to contain only two match elements.

We have chosen a simple example to launch the discussion of sitemaps and lay the foundation for an understanding of detailed sitemaps. An actual sitemap for most web applications will have additional code sections, which are discussed in subsequent chapters of this book. For now we provide only the most important sections to help you understand the concepts. We then dissect the sitemap and explain each section in detail. xsl”/> All the elements in the sitemap must belong to the same XML namespace.

18 shows the subsitemap for the mobile application. xsl”/> We highlight the serializer, which is of type=”wml”. 19. xml. We have defined two distinct pages in the content file to demonstrate the use of the navigation buttons on the mobile device and the simulator. xml file are marked up by the tags and . xsl stylesheet used by the transformer to format the output for the WAP device. xsl file, which is the stylesheet used by the transformer, will format each section of the content XML file as shown.

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