By Ryan D. Kelker

How to use Clojure language with examples and improve domain-specific languages at the go
Explore DSL options from latest Clojure DSLs and libraries
Bring Clojure into your Java functions as Clojure could be hosted on a Java platform
A tutorial-based consultant to increase customized domain-specific languages
In Detail
Clojure is a truly new and quickly growing to be language that runs on best of the JVM. The language being hosted at the Java platform permits Clojure functions to take advantage of latest Java elements. even if there are items in Clojure, the language isn't item orientated.

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Because some of the many DSLs in this section can get very complex, we'll look at only some of the more basic uses of them. Music-as-data The first Clojure library and Internal DSL we'll look at is named Music-as-data. This is a project aimed at easy note, pattern, and sample playback. The notes are synthetics and the samples are bound to the WAV files on the project's classpath. Although the documentation seems to have fallen behind on the project, there are some examples and snippets that still work and are worth covering.

This isn't the only way to do it, but it's one of the nicer ways of generating the sample HTML. parser/render template {:colors [{:color 'Red} {:color 'Black} {:color 'Yellow} {:color 'White}]}) [ 21 ] An Overview of Domain-Specific Languages with Clojure Looking at this example may make more sense than the previous Hiccup solution that we just looked at, but there are some things that we need to understand about Mustache to fully understand this solution. The {{#colors}} tag tells Mustache to loop through our Clojure collection of colors.

If the variable isn't equal to zero, the web browser will send an alert message displaying the current number of countdown. After the message is displayed, recur changes the local variable bindings by decrementing i with the dec function before the loop restarts. Let's look at one last ClojureScript example before moving on to other domains. The following example is defining a JavaScript object type that has a function named fullTitle. title; alert(msg); } var book = new Book("B. fullTitle(); The following is the ClojureScript solution for the same result.

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