By Thomas M. Klapötke

This new revised version treats the elemental chemistry of excessive power fabrics - fundamental and secondary explosives, propellants, rocket gasoline and pyrotechnics - and examines new learn advancements, together with hydrodynamics and ionic beverages. purposes in army and civil fields are mentioned. This paintings is of curiosity to complicated scholars in chemistry, fabrics technology and engineering, in addition to to all these operating in safeguard expertise.

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18). Two of the most promising candidates are triazido triazine (triazine triazide, TTA, ARDEC, see above) and diazidoglyoxime (DAGL, LMU, Tab. 3c). The latter one can be prepared according to Fig. 18h. 4 New Oxidizers for Solid Rocket Motors Solid propellants of essentially all solid rocket boosters are based on a mixture of aluminum (Al, fuel) and ammonium perchlorate (AP, oxidizer). Ammonium perchlorate (AP) has applications in munitions, primarily as an oxidizer for solid rocket and missile propellants.

4 Combustion, Deflagration, Detonation – A Short Introduction 41 pacity Cp. For thick materials, heat transfer within the material can be described one-dimensionally by 2 ρCp ∂T ∂ T =k 2 ∂t ∂x with the thermal conductivity k of the material. Heat transfer by radiation can be described by the model of black body radiation and Boltzmann’s equation for the thermal energy emission of an ideal radiator Eb = σ T 4 with the Boltzmann constant of σ. Unfortunately, in reality, most burning objects do not behave like ideal black body radiators and do not completely absorb thermal energy.

The bisnitrilimine would appear to be a suitable precursor, however, unfortunately unprotected bisnitrilimine is not known and only the corresponding diphenyl derivative is known. Therefore another derivative was prepared which contains a more easily removable protecting group than the phenyl group. The synthetic pro- Fig. 18a: Chemical structures of K2DNABT and DBX-1. 2 New Developments O O O N2H4 1/2 eq. glyoxal NH2 95 % O O O 90 % NCS O N N H N H 1 H N N O 72 % 2 NCS = O O Cl N O H N N N H O NaN3 O N Cl 3 N H N3 4 O O 2N O O2N KOH N N2O5 N N N N N N N N N 61 % N O O 5 N N K N NH O N K+ N N N HCI Et2O O HN N O N 3 O O N H N N O 38 % O N N3 O Cl O + N N N N N N N NO2 NO2 K2DNABT O 6 Fig.

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