By Richard A. Posner

It is a very attention-grabbing booklet however it did not particularly seize me. it's a very educational e-book, similar to a textual content ebook. This e-book could make a greater lecture. such a lot of his meat within the ebook comes from monetary price profit research. That info most likely comes throughout greater in a lecture.

First the writer lays out quite a few threats not to purely the rustic yet to the area. He does donate much to the top of the area stuff like an asteroid hitting the earth. Then he talks much approximately find out how to convey that chance. He additionally is going into tips on how to convey that threat. that's a fascinating factor. The expression of the chance is helping society exhibit the price of recommendations. the writer is going into general rationalization of current worth vs. destiny worth. His approach to explaining that reaction is admittedly fascinating. for instance he explains how society places a cost worth on lives.

His final bankruptcy is a departure of the e-book sort. He has a few attention-grabbing suggestions. these ideas is a huge departure for a pass judgement on, yet not anything to radical.

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Genetically modified crops T he strangelet doomsday scenario, polymorphic crystalline conversion, and nanometric omnivores, diverse as these phenomena (actual or envisaged) are, all exemplify uncontrolled replication. We can What are the catastrophic risks, and how catastrophic are they? 37 think of Rees’s hypothetical omnivores, for example, as cancer cells raised to new orders of reproductive frenzy. The structure of even the simplest form of life is immensely complex, but my earlier reference to crystals should remind us that the line between the living and the nonliving is somewhat fuzzy.

The word “spiritual” says it all. 88 He believes that no human capacity is beyond the foreseeably enlarged mental capacity of machines, which is sensible, but he looks forward to the development of such machines without misgivings, which is more dubious. He reminds one of those astronomers who, with the support of NASA, are trying to advertise our existence to possible intelligent life in other solar systems. 89 Our eager searchers for extraterrestrial life are heedless of the danger that beings more intelligent than we—and many planets, perhaps a million in our galaxy alone, may be inhabited by beings as intelligent as we90 — might, if they discovered our existence, want to destroy us or put us in zoos, and be capable of doing so.

Ocean impacts produce significant tsunamis. Land impacts destroy area the size of a large urban area (New York, Tokyo). 350m 1,000 to 10,000 6 16,000 Impacts on land produce craters; ocean-wide tsunamis are produced by ocean impacts. Land impacts destroy area the size of a small state (Delaware, Estonia). 700m 10,000 to 100,000 12 63,000 Tsunamis reach hemispheric scales, exceed damage from land impacts. Land impacts destroy area the size of a moderate state (Virginia, Taiwan). 7km 100,000 to 1 million 30 250,000 Both land and ocean impacts raise enough dust to affect climate, freeze crops.

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