By Conor Sexton

The writer permits rookies to become familiar with the programming language speedy and successfully, and demystifies the subject material making it effortless to understand.

Java and C++ at the moment are the 2 transparent prime languages for technical and internet programming, and the C++ language and setting, together with C, are the world over standardised via the ISO regular 1998. even if concentrating on C++, the textual content additionally accommodates fabric at the C programming language.

If you need to know the way to:

  • Write ISO C++ programs
  • Write procedural C programs
  • Use ISO C++ complex good points akin to templates and RTTI
  • Take good thing about the normal Template Library
  • Program with either the C and C++ common Libraries
    then C++ Programming Made Simple is for you!
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    Best c & c++ windows programming books

    .NET 2.0 Interoperability Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

    . internet represents a brand new and more suitable approach of constructing software program for the home windows platform. Given the opportunity, youТd most likely rewrite your whole present code within the more moderen controlled code surroundings that . web presents. however it is tough or most unlikely to throw out all present legacy code and begin over while a brand new expertise arrives.

    Microsoft.NET Compact Framework Kick Start

    Microsoft . web Compact Framework Kick begin is the quickest route to gaining knowledge of the Microsoft . internet Compact Framework - Microsoft's subsequent new release improvement framework for growing complicated purposes for the Pocket computing device and home windows CE structures. utilizing it, you could leverage your wisdom of C# or visible uncomplicated programming by utilizing an analogous languages on units.

    Pro Extensibility

    New dynamic languages like IronPython have gotten more and more well known as builders flow clear of statically-compiled purposes. ASP. web, Microsoft’s renowned internet platform, can now aid builders shedding in those dynamic runtimes, commencing up the platform to a wide selection of builders and programmers who haven’t up in the past been in a position to use Microsoft applied sciences.

    The draft Standard C++ library

    This paintings provides the library component to the draft ANSI/ISO commonplace for the programming language C++, and indicates how you can use all library periods and services mandated by means of that draft regular. An introductory bankruptcy discusses how the normal C library adjustments to fulfill the wishes of C++. all of the 38 headers is then coated utilizing an analogous layout: a dialogue of ways the categorical component to the library is more often than not used, excerpts from appropriate parts of the draft, the code had to enforce the actual component and to check the implementation, and workouts and references

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    They are: const_cast (expr) remove const variable qualification dynamic_cast (expr) runtime determination of type of object pointed to; used mainly with RTTI (see Chapter 12) reinterpret_cast (expr) interpretation of bit patterns static_cast (expr) explicit typecast, replaces unary typecast I’ll look at two of these here. The dynamic_cast operator is used with polymorphism and run-time type identification and is covered in Chapter 11. reinterpret_cast is really beyond the scope of a Made Simple book; in summary, it forces the compiler to attempt conversion of types that are very ‘far apart’, such as pointer-to-double (double *) and pointer-to-char (char *).

    58 Basic data types and qualifiers C++’s data types To be able to use the power of C++ effectively in your programs, you need to know more about the ways in which the language represents data. As you can see in Chapter 1, there are five simple data types in C++, which are used as type specifiers in the definition of variables: true/false value; size dependent on system char usually a single byte, storing one character int an integer of a size dependent on the host computer float a single-precision floating-point (real) number double a double-precision floating-point (real) number You can qualify the simple data types with these keywords: bool signed short long volatile unsigned mutable const On computers for which the 8-bit byte is the smallest addressable memory space, and therefore the basic data object, the char type specifies a variable of one byte in length.

    The series is described by the equation t = n(n + 1)/2, where t is the total and n is the number at the end of the series. cpp' — Program to calculate the sum of all the integers * in the range 1 to n, using the Abelian formula (n * (n + 1))/2 * ***********************************************************************/ #include using namespace std; int main() { int n, sum1toN; cout << "Enter a number: "; cin >> n; sum1toN = (n * (n + 1))/2; } cout << "Sum of the integer series 1 to " << n << " is " << sum1toN << endl; Try entering and building this program.

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