By Douglas C. Schmidt, Stephen D. Huston

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For example, normalizing the quantity ACE_Time_Value(1,1000000) will compare equal to the normalized ACE_Time_Value(2) quantity. In contrast, a bitwise comparison of non-normalized objects won't detect their equivalence. 2 The ACE_Time_Value Class ACE_Time_Value + zero : ACE_Time_Value + max_time : ACE_Time_Value 43 44 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + tv_ : timeval ACE_Time_Value (sec : long, usec : long = 0) ACE_Time_Value (t : const struct timeval &) ACE_Time_Value (t : const timespec_t &) ACE_Time_Value (t : const FILETIME &) set (sec : long, usec : long) set (t : const struct timeval &) set (t : const timespec_t &) set (t : const FILETIME &) sec () : long usec () : long msec () : long operator+= (tv : const ACE_Time_Value &) : ACE_Time_Value & operator-= (tv : const ACE_Time_Value &) : ACE_Time_Value & operator*= (d : double) : ACE_Time_Value & Sidebar 6 describes the differences in the interpretation of ACE_Time_Value when used to represent timeout values for various classes in ACE.

It simplifies server development and reuses common code by automatically daemonizing a server process (described in Sidebar 5), initializing transport endpoints, monitoring ports, and demultiplexing/dispatching client requests to service handlers. 35 36 • It can allow external services to be updated without modifying existing source code or terminating running server processes. • It consolidates network service administration via a uniform set of configuration management utilities. For example, the INETD superserver provides a uniform interface for coordinating and initiating external services, such as FTP and TELNET, and internal services, such as DAYTIME and ECHO.

Conversely, absolute timeouts are often used where the operation (such as an ACE_Condition_Thread_Mutex::wait() operation) may be called multiple times via a loop. Use of absolute time avoids the need to recompute the timeout value for each loop iteration [KSS96]. Lines 3 7 Initialize the ACE_Time_Value objects. By default, an ACE_Time_Value object is initialized to zero. Lines 9 16 Parse the command-line arguments using the ACE_Get_Opt class described in Sidebar 8 (page 47). Lines 17 22 Perform range checking to ensure the values are reasonable.

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