By Nishant Sivakumar

C++ is the language of selection for millions of purposes and thousands of strains of code. With C++/CLI, builders can combine latest C++ code into the .NET platform with no rewriting their purposes. This publication explores the C++/CLI syntax, teaches tips on how to combine local C++ and controlled .NET code, and indicates the right way to combine C++ with home windows types, WPF (Avalon), and WCF (Indigo).Imagine taking a C++-based application you have been utilizing for a decade and giving it a snazzy new interface utilizing home windows Presentation beginning. How approximately making your outdated enterprise purposes check with your new ones utilizing home windows communique starting place. C++/CLI makes this - and extra - attainable. C++/CLI in motion exhibits you the way to bridge the space among your present C++ code and the .NET platform.

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By marking the CreditCardInfo class as sealed, such a contingency can be easily avoided. A performance benefit of using a sealed class is that, because the compiler knows a sealed class can’t have any derived classes, it can statically resolve virtual member invocations on a sealed class instance using nonvirtual invocations. For example, assuming that the CreditCardInfo class overrides the GetHashCode method (which it inherits from Object), when you call GetHashCode at runtime, the CLR doesn’t have to figure out which function to call.

NET languages, whereas MC++ was a second-class citizen compared to them. Let’s see what has been done to the C++ language to promote it to a first-class CLI status. NET, and developers using it had to resort to contorted workarounds to implement CLI functionality. Take a trivial example such as enumerating over the contents of an ArrayList object. Here’s what the code would look like in Managed C++: IEnumerator* pEnumerator = arraylist->GetEnumerator(); while(pEnumerator->MoveNext()) { Console::WriteLine(pEnumerator->Current); } While languages like C# provided a for each construct that abstracted the entire enumeration process, C++ developers were forced to access the IEnumerator for the ArrayList object and use that directly—not a good thing, as far as ObjectedOriented abstraction rules were concerned.

Cpp Run it, and it promptly displays “Hello” followed by the current user (most likely your Windows login name) on the console. Except for the gcnew keyword (which we’ll talk about later in this chapter), it doesn’t look very different from a regular C++ program, does it? NET Common Language Runtime. NET, or another CLI language. NET; and you can write managed c and native code b within the same application. NET Framework BCL class that belongs to the System namespace (hence the using namespace declaration on top), and WriteLine is a static method of the Console class.

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