By Greg M. Perry

Makes use of examples, workouts, brief chapters, and plenty of marginal illustrations and factors to teach people with little or a lot programming event tips on how to function the newest model of C++. unique.

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Throughout this book, you learn helpful tips for program design. Now it’s time to launch into C++, so you can experience the satisfaction of typing your own program and seeing it run. 39 Chapter 2 ♦ What Is a Program? Using a Program Editor The instructions in your C++ program are called the source code. You type source code into your computer’s memory by using your program editor. After you type your C++ source code (your program), you should save it to a disk file before compiling and running the program.

If you know the BASIC programming language, you might not have heard of a compiler or understand the need for one. That’s because BASIC (also APL and some versions of other computer languages) is not a compiled language, but an interpreted language. Instead of translating the entire program into machine-readable form (as a compiler does in one step), an interpreter translates each program instruction—then executes it—before translating the next one. The difference between the two is subtle, but the bottom line is not: Compilers produce much more efficient and faster-running programs than interpreters do.

You do not have to follow this tradition, but you should know that uppercase letters in variable names are different from lowercase letters. For example, each of the following four variables is viewed differently by your C++ compiler. sales Do not give variables the same name as a command or built-in function. Sales SALES sALES Be very careful with the Shift key when you type a variable name. Do not inadvertently change the case of a variable name throughout a program. If you do, C++ interprets them as distinct and separate variables.

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