By Perry Schmidt-Leukel

Is the area created via a divine writer? Or is it the consistent made from karmic forces? the problem of construction was once on the middle of the vintage controversies among Buddhism and Hindu Theism. nowa days, it may be came upon on the centre of many polemical debates among Buddhism and Christianity. is that this the crucial barrier that separates Buddhism from Christianity and different theistic religions? The contributions to half One discover many of the facets of conventional and modern Buddhist objections opposed to the assumption of a divine writer in addition to Christian percentages to satisfy the Buddhist critique. half asks for the capability fact on each side and indicates a shocking approach that the barrier may be triumph over. This opens a brand new around of philosophical and theological discussion among those significant traditions with demanding insights for either.

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Bronkhorst, 'MimaIT,lsa versus Vaisesika: Parthasarathi and Kumarila on the Creation and Dissolution of the World', in R. in onore di Raniero Gnoli ne! suo 70° compleanno (Roma: Istituto Italiano per l' Africa e I'Oriente 2001), 171-81, pp. 176f. 12 From Bronkhorst, 'God's Arrival', op. cit. (fn. 11) p. 286 (with some deviations). Hindu Doctrines of Creation and Buddhist Critiques 21 the other living beings, high and low. He then connects them with Dharma, knowledge, detachment and power in accordance with their residue of past deeds.

All participating Indian positions share the acceptance of causality as a red thread in understanding the world and existence. Whereas the Hindu partners see the continuity in the flow of impermanent entities as the basis of cosmic order to be provided by a permanent factor, the Buddhists focus on the change of the same impermanent entities as only explicable by their essential impermanence 45 46 Cf. Krasser. op. cit. (fn. 23), pp. 56-142. Cf. , pp. 97-101. Hindu Doctrines of Creation and Buddhist Critiques 31 in the form of momentariness.

Subsequently 'the Invisible' then starts its activity of combining the ultimate atoms into gross, that is, composite, elements. To quote: 12 When in this way the four composite elements have come into existence, a great egg comes into being solely because of God's (Mahdvara's) meditationvolition (abhidhyiina) out of atoms of fire mixed with atoms of earth. In this (egg) (God) causes Brahma to arise (utpiidya), with four faces ... , the grandfather of all the worlds, and with all the worlds. He then enjoins him with the duty of creating living beings (prajiisarga).

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