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Table of Contents

Chapters: I. Cells, kinds, parts, Viruses II. cellphone replica III. Mendelian Genetics IV. Molecular Biology V. Human Anatomy VI. crops and Ecology

Appendices: common Index Chemical assessment Biomolecules Lab options uncomplicated Ecology thesaurus Invasive Species word list

I. Cell

Cell: mobile membrane | Cytoskeleton | Genetic fabric | Organelles | Prokaryotic cells | Eukaryotic cells | progress and metabolism | production of recent cells | Protein synthesis | Origins of cells | History

Types of Cells: Prokaryotes | micro organism | teams | Gram-positive | Gram-negative | Cyanobacteria | Archaea | Eukaryotes | comparability of eukaryotic and procariotic cells | Plant Cells | comparability of animal and plant cells

Bacterial phone structure: mobile envelope | Cytoplasmic membrane | floor buildings | Intracellular constructions | Endospores

Cell Components: mobilephone wall | mobilephone membrane | Chloroplast | Cilium | Centriole | Centrosome | Glyoxysome | Cytoplasm | Cytoskeleton | Endoplasmic reticulum | Flagellum | Golgi gear | Lysosome | Melanosome | Mitochondria | Mitotic spindle | Nucleus | Nucleolus | Peroxisome | Plasmodesmata | Plastid | Ribosome | Vacuole | Vesicle

Cellular Respiration: cardio respiratory | Theoretical yields | Anaerobic respiratory | Fermentation-| ATP

Mitochondria: features | Oxidative phosphorylation | Oxidative decarboxylation | Electron delivery | Mitochondrial DNA | copy | Origin

Cell Membrane: Phospholipids | ldl cholesterol | Diffusion | Osmosis | Electrochemical gradient | Membrane permeability | Passive shipping | Facilitated diffusion | Ion channel | lively delivery | The ATP-Dependent Na/K Pump | V-ATPase | Exocytosis | Endocytosis | phone wall | phone envelope | Chitin | Peptidoglycan

Viruses: Discovery | Origins | class | constitution | Replication | Lifeform debate | Viruses and disorder | purposes | Etymology

II. mobile Reproduction

Cell division: Prokaryotic binary fission | Bacterial conjugation | Eukaryotic phone Cycle | Mitosis: Prophase | Prometaphase | Metaphase | Anaphase | Telophase | Cytokinesis | Meiosis | Genetic recombination | Chromosomal crossover | Fertilization | Cell Cycle Regulation | Apoptosis | Cancer

III. Mendelian Genetics

Introduction | Phenotype | Mendel's legislation of Segregation (First legislations) | Mendel's legislations of self sufficient collection (Second legislations) | history | Mendelian mutation

IV. Molecular Biology

Genome: Gene | Chromosomes | Homologous chromosomes | Karyotype | Locus | Chromatin: Euchromatin | Heterochromatin | Histone | Nucleosome | Somatic mobile | Gametes: Ovum | Sperm | Human Genome | Mutation | Plasmids


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Example text

6 Schematic presentation of the soil profile and processes underlying soil CO2 efflux. 7 Effect of a constant pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the chamber (PDC) on soil CO2 efflux in the forest of Vielsalm (Belgium). The flux is normalized by its value at PDC = 0 and negative PDC corresponds to a pressure in the chamber being lower than the atmospheric pressure. , 2001). 7 shows an example of the dependence of soil CO2 efflux on the PDC for the forest soil of Vielsalm in Belgium.

6). 5 An example of the air circulation in a closed dynamic chamber (Li-Cor 6400–09). The air is pumped from the chamber to the IRGA and returned back to the chamber through a perforated manifold. , Nebraska USA). In the PP-Systems chamber, the air is mixed by a fan installed in the upper part of the chamber. content, layer thickness and the concentration gradient between the layers. Gradients of CO2 concentration are difficult to convert into fluxes because the diffusivity of the soil is heterogeneous and also changes with soil moisture.

The principal assumptions are the horizontal homogeneity of the ecosystem and a relatively high level of turbulence (high enough to neglect the transport of CO2 by 20 J. PUMPANEN et al. 4 Closed chamber systems from different manufacturers (a) PP-Systems SRC-1 closed dynamic chamber, (b) Vaisala GMP-343 CO2 probe connected to a closed chamber made by Tunkua Oy, Finland. In the figure, a transparent chamber is being used for measuring photosynthesis of ground vegetation. advection and the CO2 storage between the measurement point and the soil).

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