By Lawrence PremKumar, Praveen Mohan

The open resource JavaFX platform bargains a Java-based method of wealthy net software (RIA) improvement - a substitute for Adobe Flash/Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. At over a hundred million downloads, JavaFX is poised to be an important participant. This publication is for Flash, Silverlight, and different RIA builders trying to use and combine JavaFX of their Java RIA purposes, even if it is for the machine or cellular environments. This booklet is additionally for these new to RIA improvement.

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The JavaFX developers deliberately defined the APIs to be in sync with the real-world scenario to keep the platform simple, easy-to-understand, and intuitive to even nonprogrammers. Running Your Application Using NetBeans There are thee modes in which you can deploy this application using NetBeans: standalone, browser/Java Web Start, and Mobile Emulator. Let's see each one of them in detail. Standalone Mode The default mode set in NetBeans in the standalone mode, and running the project as-is without modifying any configuration parameters will run the application in standalone mode.

Strings in JavaFX Script are immutable, as in Java; this means you cannot change the characters in the string. toLowercase() appears to modify the string, but it actually returns a new string object, leaving the original one unchanged. One notable difference in JavaFX Script is that you can include two single quotes with a doublequoted string and two double quotes within a single-quoted string as follows: var s: String = "JavaFX is a 'cool' technology"; var s1: String = 'JavaFX is a "cool" technology'; The single and double quoted text used within the string will be treated as-is and you will see quote characters when printing the values as well.

This code, listed below, includes several import statements and object literals. These literals represent key concepts within the JavaFX application, and are described in detail after the code snippet. info CHAPTER 2 ■ INTRODUCTION TO JAVAFX Stage { title: "Hello JavaFX" width: 250 height: 80 scene: Scene { content: Text { font : Font { size : 16 } x: 10, y: 30 content: "Hello World from JavaFX" } } } The following object literals are created by default: Stage: The top-level container required to display any visible JavaFX objects.

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