By Antonio Goncalves

Java company version (Java EE) remains to be one of many best Java applied sciences and structures. starting Java EE 7 is the 1st educational booklet on Java EE 7.

Step by way of step and simple to keep on with, this booklet describes a number of the Java EE 7 requirements and reference implementations, and indicates them in motion utilizing functional examples. This definitive e-book additionally makes use of the latest model of GlassFish to install and administer the code examples.

Written by means of knowledgeable member of the Java EE specification request and assessment board within the Java group procedure (JCP), this ebook comprises the easiest info attainable, from an expert’s standpoint on firm Java applied sciences.

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The container is able to intercept the call and process business logic before the bean’s method is invoked. Interceptors fall into four types. 44 • Constructor-level interceptors: Interceptor associated with a constructor of the target class (@AroundConstruct), • Method-level interceptors: Interceptor associated with a specific business method (@AroundInvoke), Chapter 2 ■ Context and Dependency Injection • Timeout method interceptors: Interceptor that interposes on timeout methods with @AroundTimeout (only used with EJB timer service, see Chapter 8), and • Life-cycle callback interceptors: Interceptor that interposes on the target instance life-cycle event callbacks (@PostConstruct and @PreDestroy).

Request scope (@RequestScoped): Corresponds to a single HTTP request or a method invocation. The bean is created for the duration of the method invocation and is discarded when the method ends. It is used for service classes or JSF backing beans that are only needed for the duration of an HTTP request. • Conversation scope (@ConversationScoped): Spans between multiple invocations within the session boundaries with starting and ending points determined by the application. Conversations are used across multiple pages as part of a multistep workflow.

AOP is a programming paradigm that separates cross-cutting concerns (concerns that cut across the application) from your business code. Most applications have common code that is repeated across components. ). These concerns can be applied automatically through AOP to your entire application or to a subset of it. Managed Beans support AOP-like functionality by providing the ability to intercept method invocation through interceptors. Interceptors are automatically triggered by the container when a Managed Bean method is invoked.

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