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After the booklet of Atlas Shrugged in 1957, Ayn Rand sometimes lectured so as deliver her philosophy of Objectivism to a much wider viewers and use it on present cultural and political matters. those taped lectures and the question-and-answer classes that not just further an eloquent new measurement to Ayn Rand's rules and ideology, yet a clean and spontaneous perception into Ayn Rand herself. by no means earlier than to be had in print, this publishing occasion is a set of these enlightening Q & As.

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To make the culture freer or more varied? If culture and communication are directed by the point of a gun, that is the end of free communication. What you are observing is that you cannot have a country regulated by a double standard: in material production, men are increasingly controlled, while in the intellectual realm, they expect to be free. But we are not disembodied ghosts. We live in a material world, and when we use our minds and communicate ideas, we do so by material means. Here’s an example in which controlling material production hinders freedom of communication.

FHF 70] Pragmatists commenting on the student rebellions [of the 1960s] claim to be against force. Aren’t they in fact on the side of force? In effect, pragmatists support the initiators of force, but not in the standard sense. For example, communists are for the initiation of force. But a pragmatist is, in a sense, worse. He is neither for nor against it. On his view, it was peaceful on the college campuses, when suddenly there was a violent eruption, with demands from the student rebels. The college administrators didn’t know what to do.

Birth control and abortion involve the actions of the agent alone. They do not infringe on anyone’s rights. Suicide falls into the same category. So in principle, a man has the right to commit suicide—but it is very inadvisable. Further, a government can’t pass laws to prevent suicide. The Soviets tried that in Russia in the 1920s, because of a wave of suicides among Party members. The penalty was death—which illustrates the problem. In general, there are many reasons why a man should not take his life.

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