By William Lane Craig

This article attracts at the facts of Paul and the Gospels to offer the case for accepting the historicity of the physically resurrection of Jesus.

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Or gr a nt ed that "Ulrich wi l ck ens • . ha s proved a9a l nst of Oi be l i us and Dodd that Pet e r ' s spe e ch es in . ~~r t Acts do not co ntain any o l d pattern of Jew~s - ~~s ~ ut in mis sionary pr each i ng M (Ha enche n, Acts, pp . 129 -3 ) . ss " ins t ructive to s urvey the de ve l opment of Wi lcke ns' s a sses sment of thi s q uest i o n . He fir st a ttempted to drive a wedge be tween t he kerygma of I Cor. 15 and that of Acts : (1) Pa ul's kerygma stre sses that Chri s t d ied - f o r our sins .

16, 48; Pes ch, "Ent s t ehung ,p , 214 . advance; in i t ia l l y t he formu l a ought to be printed s imply i n a line or , i f i n f our lines, wi t h the l e f t margin even . Whe n this i s done, it i s not so obvious that the secon d a nd four t h stat ements are meant to be subor d i nated . I t may b e said that the first and third lines are parallel in construction and likewise the second and third l i nes; but thia only shows paralle lism, not logi cal subordinati on. It May be ur ged that the second and fourth line s are both short; but this i s mis l e ading , s ince t he fo urth is l onger than t he second (especial ly if the f ormula inc l udes va.

Haench en , Ac t s , p . 92. empha sis; i t alone can not ov er t ur n the conclus io~ that Luke and paul seem to be remark ably compa tible i n the~r r epr e se nt at i on of the early kerygma . 2 . The - tot a l l y differ ent - kerygm atic t raditi on in f e r r ed f rom I The s s . 1 a nd Reb. 6 may well be a differ ent ca s t of the same kerygma . Heb. 6 is so sketch y that no ker ygmat i c recons tructi on is feasib le ; I Thess. 1 and Act s 14 and 11 appear t o repres ent a form of t he kerygma appr opr i at e t o a Gentil e pagan aud ienc e.

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