By Jacqueline Martin; Chris Turner; Denis Lanser

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Landlords and tenants in imperial Rome

Via reading a element of deepest legislations in imperial Rome as a functioning point in social existence, this booklet constitutes an incredible contribution to the sociological figuring out of legislation in premodern societies. utilizing archaeological info in addition to literary and felony texts, Bruce Frier exhibits that individuals of the higher category, together with senatorial households, lived in rented flats and that the Roman legislation of city rent used to be designed mostly for them, no longer for the decrease classification.

Pensions Law & Practice (Medic0-Legal Practitioner Series)

This e-book is a definitive paintings at the legislations and perform when it comes to pensions. It comprises brand new laws and case fabric, together with the suitable provisions of the Finance Act 1996 and the Pensions Act 1995. it's going to help the felony practitioner, yet can also be of curiosity to teachers instructing classes in pensions legislations at universities and better schooling associations in the course of the kingdom.

Insolvency Law (Practice Notes Series)

This booklet considers all types of insolvency together with own and company insolvency, liquidation, receivership and management. a transparent exposition of the tactics to be is equipped, and the e-book encompasses a significant physique of case legislation, with specific connection with the components of polishing off strategies and voluntary preparations.

Flying in the Face of Criminalization: The Safety Implications of Prosecuting Aviation Professionals for Accidents

Parallel investigations ensue after each aviation coincidence: one technical, one judicial. the previous has to be performed with the only purpose of constructing protection ideas to avoid the recurrence of comparable injuries. The judicial research, besides the fact that, has the purpose of selecting these events which were at fault and to apportion blameworthiness for legal and civil legal responsibility.

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Toyah stabs Steve in the arm. His injury is not serious but he needs stitches, so a neighbour takes Steve to hospital in his car. On the way to the hospital the car crashes and Steve sustains serious head injuries, from which he dies. 4. Lily decides to kill Kevin. She takes his shotgun and loads it. She waits until he has gone to sleep then she goes into his bedroom and shoots him in the head. Unknown to her, Kevin died from a drug overdose twenty minutes before she shot him. 5. Ross stabs Paul in the chest.

Although this case was on the old definition, it is likely that the courts will still use the same standard of abnormality. So the test will be that D’s mental functioning was so different from that of ordinary human beings that the reasonable man would term it abnormal. 3 Cause of the abnormality of mental functioning The cause of the abnormality of mental functioning must arise from a ‘recognised medical condition’. This is wide enough to cover both psychological and physical conditions. It obviously covers any recognised mental disorder.

They pointed out that if a defendant intends to inflict grievous bodily harm and the victim dies, this has always been sufficient in English law to imply malice aforethought. In Cunningham (1981) the House of Lords confirmed that the Court of Appeal’s decision in Vickers was correct. Cunningham (1981) The defendant hit the victim over the head with a stool. The victim died from head injuries. The defendant claimed that he did not intend any life-threatening injuries to the victim. The House of Lords held that an intention to cause really serious harm was sufficient for the mens rea of murder.

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