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Ant is the most popular construct administration device to be used in Java environments. not like conventional construct administration instruments equivalent to GNU Make, Ant is itself written in Java, is platform self reliant, and interfaces good with the utilities in Sun's Java software program improvement package (SDK). as well as being platform autonomous, Ant is usually self reliant of the built-in improvement setting (IDE) getting used. IDE independence is critical for open resource initiatives (or different initiatives) during which some of the builders could use varied IDEs. utilizing Ant, Java builders can: * outline construct chunks, the implications that they need to produce, and the dependencies among them * immediately retrieve resource code from resource keep an eye on platforms akin to PVCS * construct functions via having Ant collect the mandatory resource records within the right orderAnt construct records are written utilizing XML-a well-established standard-so programmers utilizing Ant usually are not required to benefit yet one more scripting language. they'll most probably already recognize XML, and may have the capacity to leverage that wisdom. Ant is an open resource venture, and a part of the Jakarta venture. Jakarta is Sun's open resource reference implementation for the JSP and Servlets requirements, and is a part of the Apache group's paintings

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Because of such 1 IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, consists of a series of servers that allow users to communicate in real-time using IRC clients. People communicate, or "chat," in channels. Frequently, these channels have "bots," or automated IRC clients that manage the channel and keep it open. Otherwise, if no one is in a channel, it goes away. Irssibot is an example of such a bot. 33 Ant: The Definitive Guide varied requirements and dependencies, a perfect project organizational pattern does not exist and we do not propose to suggest one here.

The first or root element of any buildfile is always the tag. No buildfile can be without one, nor can it have more than one. The DOM lays elements out in a tree-like hierarchy, making the buildfile more of an object model than simply a plain process-description document. "> ... The tag has three attributes: name, default, and basedir. The name attribute gives the project a name. A project name is valuable for purposes of identifying log output (to know what project you're building).

All instances of the javac task use this property. compiler. 3 and higher). This is a "magic property," and some of the negative side effects of these are discussed later in this chapter. Even though it's likely you'll use this value in every buildfile you write, it still makes sense to document its purpose. Many people new to Ant will be understandably confused if they see this property here, but never see it used in the buildfile again. compiler" value="modern"/> We have one last step before we delve into defining (and meeting) our project's major goals.

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