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227. Melese leucanioides erythrastis Dognin; Seitz, 1921, p. 340. 0 mm. Head and thorax orange-grey. Forewing reddish distally, and proximally posterior to cell; rest reddish grey. Hindwing reddish white with reddish orange borders to wing. Abdomen dorsally reddish orange on segments 1-7, segment 8 grey; ventrally white. Described from a single male from "Saint-Laurent du Maroni," French Guiana. Holotype c? : "Dognin Collection; Type No. ; St. Laurent du Maroni, Guyane franc,aise; Melese erythrastis Dognin.

Holotype cf : "Collection Wm. Schaus; St. Jean, Maroni, F. Guiana; Type No. , cotype cf; Arctiidae genitalia slide no. AW 136; Holotype cf Neritos cyclopera Hampson A. W. " Idalus daga (Dognin) PLATES 22a; 114«,/ Empusa daga Dognin, 1891b, p. 125. Idalus daga (Dognin); Seitz, 1920, p. 350. 5 mm. Forewing and hindwing white, with black markings on forewing. Abdomen orangeyellow dorsally, white ventrally. Described from a single male from Zumba [Ecuador]. Holotype d : "Dognin Collection; Type No.

Neritos flavibrunnea Dognin PLATES 35/, 136*,/ Neritos flavibrunnea Dognin. 191 lc, p. 12. 5 mm. Forewing worn but mostly dark SMITHSONIAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO ZOOLOGY greyish brown. Hindwing dark greyish brown and orange-yellow. Segments 1 and 2 of abdomen greyish brown dorsally—this color continued posteriorly at sides of abdomen to segment 5; 3-5 orange dorsally and 7-8 olive brown; white ventrally. Described from a single male from "St. Jean du Maroni," French Guiana. Holotyped 1 : "Dognin Collection; Aout; Guyane Franchise, St.

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