By Douglas A Phillips

Introduces heart institution readers to the problems that impact the worldwide society. Combining geography, historical past, technology, social reviews, and economics, this name examines the themes and their value to the USA and to the realm. It indicates how the guidelines and activities of a selected workforce or sector have an effect on others.

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The war in the Pacific with Japan started out defensively, but the advantage turned to the United States in June 1942 with the sea battle at Midway. S. victory after Japan had attacked Midway Atoll. Four Japanese aircraft carriers and a cruiser were sunk during the fighting. The battle at Midway changed the war in the Pacific. The former aggressor, Japan, was now forced to be on the defensive. S. forces began to push the Japanese out of the various lands they had conquered. S. forces island-hopped toward Japan in pursuit of Japanese forces.

Lands such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, and others once again felt the heavy and threatening hand of Russia. Many of these former Soviet satellite countries have sought membership in NATO. Were Russia to attack any of them, the United States could be drawn directly into the fray. Thus, the resurgence of Russia poses another major security issue for the United States and its allies in the twenty-first century. 57 5 AMERICA’S RESouRCES ANd RIChES T he United States’ resource bounty is one of the major reasons the country has established itself as a world power.

In that year, the stock market crashed and plunged the country into the Great Depression. 33 34 America’s Role in a Changing World On the international front, the United States saw a new tide rising in Russia. The Communists (Bolsheviks) had seized power from Tsar Nicholas II in 1917. At the time, Russia was weary from World War I and faced domestic problems. Vladimir Lenin led the October Revolution against the tsar and used the writings of Karl Marx to develop an ideology called Marxism-Leninism.

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