By Philip Bell, Roger Bell

Americanization and Australia is a set of essays exploring the negotiation of impression and tool thinking about Americanization in a foreign country. delivering a various reaction through experts in numerous fields, this booklet is an research of identification politics.

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23 This form WHICH AMERICA? 23 of humour directed against American national or imperial pretensions was available predominantly to lower class men. Costello in his 1926 report identified the proponents of the second mode of resistance: government and local commercial interests who complained about American competition, unfair American trading and organisational practices and, on more particular occasions, about American responsibility for a crippling exchange imbalance, and war debt. To these proponents should be added labour organisations, which denounced American imports denying workers jobs.

49 D. Modjeska, Exiles at Home. Australian Women Writers 1925–1945, Angus & Robertson, Australia, 1981, p. 52. 50 ‘The Pope’s Encyclical’, Everyones, 12 August 1936, p. 8. 51 Report of Royal Commission on the Moving Picture Industry in Australia, Australia, Parliamentary Papers vol. 71, 1926–28, no. 42, pp. 121–29; Ina Bertrand ‘Not Suitable for Children: A Survey of Movements in Australia to Protect Children from the Harmful Effects of Films’ Cinema Papers 2, April 1974, pp. 117–21. 52 B. Tildesley, ‘International Aspects of the Cinema’, Australian Quarterly, 14 March 1934, p.

Sussex tries to argue for American influence in ‘creeping transitivity’6 as well as ‘creeping intransitivity’ (in protested the decision v nominating for a position); but I do not think he can have it both ways. Taylor argues for an American model in the syntax of Go jump, Go fly a kite (not Go and ... 8 If we put lexical morphology (patterns of word formation) under the heading of grammar, there’s a little more to discuss in terms of American 36 AMERICANIZATION AND AUSTRALIA influence. Both Sussex (in 1985) and Taylor (in 1989) drew attention to the American penchant for what linguists call ‘zero derivation’, that is the adaptation of a word to a new grammatical role without any derivational suffix.

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