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Containing all new fabric and released for the yank Dialect Society's centennial occasion (1889-1989), this quantity bings jointly in a single position, as no formerly released paintings has, present methods to the final difficulties of language distribution and edition. the different chapters supply bills of ways questions are formulated and the way facts are gathered, saved, and intepreted within the a number of examine traditions of dialectology and sociolinguistics, really as they've been conducted by way of researchers linked to the yank Dialect Society. extra particularly, this publication takes journeys to the scholar's laboratory. How is that this paintings performed? What pitfalls in fieldwork, processing, and interpretation were encountered and the way have they been triumph over? What innovations were used to get on the evidence and underlying factors of language kind? What does contemporary paintings recommend concerning the so much lucrative parts and techniques for destiny research?

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1938. Linguistic atlas of New England, 3 vols. Providence: Brown University. Kurath, Hans. 1939. Handbook of the linguistic geography of New England. Washington, D. C : American Council of Learned Societies. Kurath, Hans. 1949. Word geography of the Eastern United States. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Kurath. Hans. 1972. Studies in area linguistics. Ann Arbor: University of Michi­ gan Press. Labov, William. 1966. The social stratification of English in New York City. Arlington VA: Center for Applied Linguistics.

01 Figure 3. Francis River Basin F2-Upper Mississippi River Basin F3-Yazoo River Basin F4-Lower Mississippi River Basin F5-Atchafalaya River Basin LINGUISTIC GEOGRAPHY 43 44 LEE PEDERSON In the first 15 lines, Synopsis #25 lists 73 of the 74 phonetic targets, excluding only the vowel /oi/ before nasals, as in joints. The empty slot in line five reflects a peculiarity of unitary phonemic analy­ sis: the mid-central vowel before postvocalic /r/ becomes a member of the /3/ phoneme of line 12. Elsewhere, the phonetic substance of each phoneme is exemplified in five positions (columns): (1) before a voice­ less obstruent, (2) before open juncture or a voiced consonant, (3) before a nasal consonant, (4) before a lateral liquid consonant, and (5) before a retroflex liquid consonant.

LINGUISTIC GEOGRAPHY 39 Consider the introductory commentary of the informant, still suspicious of the interviewer. 'The shotgun's loaded' and right near­ by. Elsewhere there are two loaded pistols. Is the message an invento­ ry of personal property, a warning to an outlander, or both? His wife is good with a shotgun, and she might be right around the corner. ' The boar's revenge comes down to a highly stylized Ciceroni­ an tricolon: 'I mean this boy didn't know no better; and Fred - or the man that bought it for Fred — they didn't know no better.

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