By Judith S. Baughman, Victor Bondi, Vincent Tompkins

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A Tokyo court refuses to compensate former British prisoners of war for Japanese mistreatment during World War II. 22 28 Nov. Israeli forces bombard Hizballuh positions in southern Lebanon following the death of seven Israeli soldiers in an ambush. 9 Dec. Ruth Dreifuss is elected the first woman president of Switzerland. 16-20 Dec. S. N. weapons inspectors. AMERICAN DECADES: 1990-1999 WORLD EVENTS 17 Dec. 1999 A high court in Britain rescinds the 25 November ruling enabling extradition of Pinochet because of a judge's links to Amnesty International.

3 feet thinner than the last time measurements were taken in 1976. 21 Nov. China announces the launch of a space vehicle capable of carrying astronauts. 2 Dec. Britain hands over power in Northern Ireland to a twelve-member cabinet of Protestants and Catholics. 3 Dec. The World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting ends in Seattle, Washington, following a week of violent protests by environmentalists and anarchists. 17 Dec. Flooding in Venezuela causes mudslides that eventually kill an estimated ten thousand people.

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