By Ann Weil

To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES simply. A compilation of real tales of numerous air failures.

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In 1983, a Korean Airlines 747 strayed from its flight path. 52 The plane was flying from Alaska to South Korea. But it was about 300 miles off course. The 747 flew over secret missile test sites in the Soviet Union. The Russians thought it was a spy plane. A Soviet fighter plane fired an air-to-air missile at the 747. The missile hit its target. The 747 crashed into the Sea of Japan. There were 269 people on board the 747. All of them were killed. Other countries were very angry and upset. They blamed the Russians for killing innocent people.

Everyone on all four hijacked planes was killed. Thousands of people in the twin towers of the World Trade Center were killed, too. About 180 people died at the Pentagon. It was the worst air disaster ever. And it was the worst terrorist attack on American soil. M. It tore a huge 59 hole in the side of the building. Then it exploded. The second plane slammed into the south tower about 15 minutes later. Both planes were full of jet fuel. The fuel started huge fires. The towers started to crumble.

48 Airports have special machines to melt the ice. Flight 90 used this equipment. But an hour passed after the plane was de-iced. All the evidence pointed to icing as the cause of the crash. But this was not the whole story. The investigation showed something else. The engines were not operating fully. Sometimes slush can get inside the engine itself. The engines will still work. But they will not work as well. The 737 had engine anti-icing equipment. This would have solved the problem. But the crew did not turn it on!

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