By Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

This certain paintings seems to be on the portability, execution potency and programming program suggestions of the complex interval. Examples are given of ways complex C purposes will be moved shape process to process.

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Continue makes the for loop input another character instead of including it in the character count. Note that in this example, break is a part of the switch statement and not the for loop. • 20 Chapter 1 • Most algorithms don't require break and continue statements (a do break from our screen menu example). For loops that have a large number of statements, break and continue provide while, for example, eliminates worthwhile alternatives to setting flags and testing their values. goto The format for a goto is goto label; goto is one word.

Statements like auto int i, ji compile in C, but auto is optional. Automatic declarations appear inside functions and blocks. Automatic variables have undefined initial values by default, and their scope applies only to the block in which they are declared. The following program, for example, creates four uninitialized automatic variables with different data types. main () { int ii float fi char buf[80]i struct complex float imag, reali val; Auto declarations may appear anywhere a block is legal in C.

Likewise, the second format includes lines if name has not been defined. Recall that itoh2. c from a previous section performs integer to hexadecimal conversion correctly on our INTEL 286 processor but is not portable. The Motorola 68000 family, for example, stores bytes in reverse order compared to the INTEL processors. Inside itoh2. c, we add preprocessor directives before main () to make itoh2 run correctly on both machines. s[SWAPBYTES /* low byte » ? 0 ? 0 1] & 15]); ? 1 ? s[SWAPBYTES & SWAPBYTES is 1 for a 68000 and 0 for INTEL machines.

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